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Welcome to Misr Helwan Spinning & Weaving Industry. Get a Quote

Processing Section
Is in charge of the Sector to the cloth out in the best picture of the textile sector .. Read more

Textile section
And is the stage following the spinning stage and are producing the required fabrics and different combinations .. Read more

Spinning Section

It is in charge of the Sector to the cloth out in the best picture of the textile sector. read more

Commercial Section

Is Responsible For Marketing the company’s products ..Read More

Financial Section

Consists of several departments of the most important … Read more

Design Section

The Clothing Products Manufacturer Following Read more


We established our company 78 years ago with an experience in the wholesale side of the Luxury cotton spinning and weaving.

Our wholesale business today still represents the finest Egyptian premium quality Luxury Cotton products available and it now includes a very innovative collection of Bedcovering products for the Accommodation Industry,Our Commercial products include 100% cotton blend.

Let’s know more about Misr Helwan Spinning & Weaving Industry.


We have dealt with the MisrHelwan Spinning and textile years ago we did not find only the commitment and quality, so this process continued relationship all these years
Aziz’s sons company

Despite the multiplicity of spinning and textile companies that we deal with,but the company Misr Helwan always remain a priority in handling what we felt the
quality of
their products

Azhar Sheshiny Company

Misr Helwan company a leading company in the field of yarn, textile and handled profitably and comfortably; The quality of their products gives us strong competition and a reasonable margin of profit for the timely and accurate relieve deal

ElHayaa Company

private sector is always looking who can blend between quality and price, and this is what we saw in Egypt  Helwan So keep dealing throughout this period.

Saeed company For Ttextile Trade

“One of the Holding Company for Cotton and textile and
clothing companies (belonging to the General business).”

Organizational Structure

Mr. Hajaj Tawfiq Hassan

Managing Director of Commercial and Planning Affairs

Mr. Mohamed Saadawy

(Member of the Board of Directors )

Mr. Mahmoud Saad

(Member of the Board of Directors )

  Engineer / Mustafa Mohamed Hassan Mohamed

(Part time member)

  Mr. Massad Abdel Ghani

Representative of the trade union committee

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If you have any suggestions, questions or complaints,
please feel free to contact us every day except on Friday and official holidays from nine o’clock in the morning until three o’clock in the evening.

You can contact us through the following numbers (27113330/27113146) or send Email, or request a quote.