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About Misr Helwan Spinning & Weaving Industry

  • One of the Holding Company for Cotton and textile and clothing companies (belonging to
    the General business).

  • In 1927 a group of egyptian businessmen collaborated with bank misr in establishing the
    company to produce a fabric of natural silk.

  • In 1960 the company began to manufacture cotton , synthetic fibers and introducing new
    verities in production of velvet ; apholstery ; guipure ; embroideries &
    dateless products.

  • In 1975 the company established ready made garment unit to complete its activates of
    spinning & weaving ; processing ; so it became a complete industrial firm.

  • The company has several production sectors like spinning sector with total spinning capacity
    of 4144 ton / year of cotton yarns ; blended yarns & synthetic yarns.

  • Weaving sector with total weaving capacity of 8880000 meter/year of various kinds of fabric
    such as apholstery fabric ; damask ; honeycombe ; sateen ; velvet ; & drell.

  • We supply hospital needs of gowns ; green operation gowns ; uniform and companic
    uniforms each according to its specifications.

  • We also produce all kinds of acquard fabric with asionable designs which we produce on jacquard & dobby looms.

  • The local market consumes 70% of our company’s production while 30% of its production is directed to european countries such as germany ; england ; greece ; cyprus ; austrial ; & italy besides u.s.a & the arab gulf .

  • The majority of our exports is made of 100% egyptian cotton unless there is a demand of our clients to us other type of cotton ; but the egyptian cotton is the most demanded in europe u.s.a & the arab gulf.

    Misr helwan has avery high qualified traning center used to train the new workers and to raise the skills of the company’s workers .

  •  This center is also used to process specialized training programs to assist in raising the leading and supervising skills and that is with the participation of inner & external lecturers each according to the running programes.

  • Misr helwan spinning & weaving company offers the best srrvices to the society such as nursery for workers kids and the neighbours building.

  • There is an andustrial high school in students get technical training the company and that’s adds to their experience so work opportunites are doublecated in the

  • We have also transportation facilties for the workers which transport them to and from distance of 70 k.m for the comfort of them that’s why , the company has a fleet of cars & buses as well as trucks to transport the goods to our customers all over a.r.e.

  • The companies carrying a through in vestment for replacement & renewal and development in 2010-2011.

    We will add other verities of classy production to meet the markets needs of production.

  • After renewal & replacement the achieving goals of production will worth 160 millions egyptian pounds.

    Misr helwan spinning & weaving company was and will be at the disposal of all customers in local and external markets.

The organizational structure of the company, Misr Helwan Spinning and Weaving

Mr. Hajaj Tawfiq Hassan

Chairman of the Board and Managing Director




Mr. Massad Abdel Ghani

Representative of the trade union committee

Engineer / Mustafa Mohamed Hassan Mohamed

(Part time member)

Mr. Mahmoud Saad

(Member of the Board of Directors )

Mr. Mohamed Saadawy

(Member of the Board of Directors )